Can't see other people's activities in their Lifemap, says "Become a supporter"

Are we supposed to be able to interact with other users’ LifeMaps and click to see the activity? I’m a supporter and I can interact with my Lifemap, but trying to explore another person’s map and I can’t click on a route.
When I try I get this message saying I need to become a supporter.
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 10.12.31 AM

Hi, yes I have the same challenge … I can not see other life maps - as a supporter. Please advise …

This happened to me yesterday, turns out I had been logged out. Logged in and could see lifemaps of others. Make sure you are logged in to your account, it was not obvious to me because I have my user profile bookmarked, which I can see logged in or out.

The ability to click on a map and bring up the activity a track comes from is a supporter perk, as you know. The trick is, that perk is tied to the user whose map it is, not the person viewing the map. If the friend you are reviewing is not a supporter, the map is programmed and generated differently and therefore, you will not be able to click on it like you would your own.

Oh, oops, I had an incorrect check to see if you’re viewing your own map. The next release will fix this so that no popup is displayed if you’re looking at a non-supporter’s LifeMap.


This fix was just released, so Supporters should no longer see popups to become a supporter when they’re viewing other (non-supporter) LifeMaps.