Can't log in from iPad

This is a recent problem starting last week (not sure if it started with the 1-10-22 update). I can access, but when I try to click on the Garmin link, nothing happens. I can click on sign in, which brings me back to the same page, but the Garmin (and Mapmyfitness, Runkeeper and Strava links too) won’t work. I can access the left side dropdown links (home, cities, challenges, etc), which all still work as links but I can’t sign in.

I’ve cleared my cookies, changed my advertising identifier, closed out all programs, logged out, turned it on and off several times and all the other usual tricks. I don’t recall changing other settings, but maybe I did something? I have tight security settings on my iPad so to check, I allowed cookies, popups, undisabled ad/content blockers, turned off prevent cross-site checking and fraudulent website warning, but it still won’t let me log in. I can log in with my wife’s iPad (she has way different security settings) and via my PC, but not on my iPad, which I rely on heavily as I create map routes on Garmin.

Any ideas what I did to screw things up?

I have 2 other people reporting this, and I cannot reproduce the issue.

In their tests, trying a private tab didn’t help…

It also didn’t help to clear CityStrides cookies via:
iOS Settings → Safari → Advanced (bottom of page) → Website Data → search citystrides → swipe on the entry for and tap Delete

Which version of iOS are you on? This is one unanswered item from the other two reports…
iOS settings → General → About

Are you able to use the ‘next’ pagination buttons throughout the site? The easiest to test is the Cities page, but it’s a bit slow - my activities might be a quicker test:

Glad I’m not the only 1 :blush: I thought maybe I did something wrong (or maybe we all did).

I had also deleted the Citystrides cookie as you described but it didn’t work.

ios 13.3.1

Thanks for reminding me. If I try to go to any of the pages on the left hand side (ie cities, leader board, striders and supporters), it gives a constant circle. Forums work, challenges shows up as a page but not active or past challenges, about works (including the keyboard fire!), merchandise works.

And using your #1 link, I get the same spinning circle on that page. It doesn’t show your stats or cities in progress, and Lifemap has the top header but otherwise blank.

And, as a side not, you need to get out and do some more running :slight_smile: Only 3rd in Holyoke? 7th in Easthampton? I expect the hometown boy to be #1 (and if I click on each city, I see no details as to what streets you’ve completed or not completed, only the #s of streets).

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So far the only commonality is iOS 13 (one other person responded saying they’re on 13.6). All of my devices are on 15.2.1 and things work properly for me. Is your wife’s iPad on a newer iOS?

Do you have JavaScript enabled?
iOS Settings → Safari → Advanced → JavaScript

The fact that the LifeMap has no map indicates that a JavaScript error occurred early on… Debugging JS within iOS is a truly terrible experience, though.
iOS Settings → Safari → Advanced → Web Inspector & follow the instructions below that toggle (there’s also a more walkthrough in How to Activate the iPhone Debug Console or Web Inspector )
It’s truly :scream: worthy and I completely understand if you can’t/won’t go through that absolute beast of a hassle

She’s at 15.1.

Javascript is enabled (I had also tried it turned off).

Thanks for the Lifewire link. If I try the Web Inspector, will that fix the problem or tell me what the problem is? I use a PC so I’ll have to use my kids Mac-will doing this screw up their laptops or alter anything on their device? What else will I need to do for that process? I trust you and I’m game to do anything–I love Citystrides, am a supporter and want to get access again so I can plan routes easily.

Honestly, I’d suggest upgrading your iOS version before trying to mess with JavaScript debugging.

It’ll hopefully indicate what the problem is

The only setting that changes on the laptop is the Safari → Advanced → “Show Develop menu in menu bar” … This adds a new menu between ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Window’ called ‘Develop’ and gives you access to extra tools.
It does give you the ability to “Get Safari Technology Preview”, which would install beta software on your laptop which could have (more) bugs (than usual). You do not need to do this, but I want you to be aware of it - you may want to turn off the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option afterwards to be sure that people using the laptop can’t install the technology preview.

After enabling it & plugging in your iPad (it may prompt you to install an upgrade after connecting it; I did, but I have no idea what was upgraded or why - you could try ignoring that message) … you visit the site on the iPad & select it from the Develop menu like the last screenshot in that article.
That’ll open another window that will spit out (black ok, yellow warning, red error) text when you use the website on the iPad. I would need to see the console after e.g. visiting the CityStrides homepage, clicking the sign in or sign up link, and then clicking the button to log in.

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I updated iOS to 15.2.1 and now I have to deal with all the Apple bloatware and changed settings, which is why I hate updating.

But…I can now log in again to Citystrides. Yay! And I changed lots of settings back to my usual (Apple changes things on updates) and it still works. So double yay!

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Having the same issue trying to log in from my Mac laptop. It works fine on my phone but can’t get past the sign in page on the laptop

Based on what has previously been found :point_up: I suggest that - if you’re using Safari - you ensure you’re on the latest version.
Otherwise, let me know which browser (with version number) you’re using & which Mac OS you’re on (top left Apple menu → About This Mac).