Broadlands is broken?

I noticed after this morning’s run that I was seeing duplicate street entries. They were showing up for Ashburn, VA (correctly) but also for Broadlands, VA. Looking in Open Street Map, Broadlands (This is the OSM link: Relation: ‪Broadlands‬ (‪12235263‬) | OpenStreetMap) does not overlap with Ashburn at all.

When I checked Broadlands in Citystrides, it came up with the same borders as Ashburn.

I probably set the wrong OSM ID while importing Broadlands. I can delete & recreate that from the correct OSM ID.

Thank you!

Did you need me to pull the OSM ID and update the spreadsheet? Let me know!

I already got it in the list - thanks!

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Broadlands is now active and runnable. Thanks for the help!