Brand New and Need Help

I just joined and I’m trying to do every single street in my city. My homepage just says …" has not run at all, or is not sharing their activities." How do I share my activities?? I can’t figure out how to get this thing started.


Is your avatar present in the top right of the site menu? If it is, then you’re logged in. :+1: If it isn’t then try logging in again to see if that helps.

I just started a sync for your account. Maybe Something Happened to cause the initial sync to fail. :man_shrugging: Activities should start appearing immediately, but street progress can take some hours.

I do see your street count is increasing, so hopefully things are on their way to working!

Woah, thanks! I see three runs in there.

I’m really hoping to track my Every Single Street project only from a certain start date (two days ago). Is there a way to only have runs upload from that date on? Or can I choose which runs to upload and not upload?


I don’t have any time-based features, yet. I think there’s at least one post in #ideas for this.

There are two aspects this idea:

  • visually only displaying activities on LifeMap within a certain time period
  • sectioning off progressed/completed streets by date

The first is way easier. It’s just filtering the list of activities to show.
The second has many gotchas, and affects tons of code. I think I’d have to leave the existing process intact, then add a separate layer to set start and end dates for progress calculations… almost easier to add a new “Timed Challenge” feature - so you have your lifetime progress (what is there now) and the time-boxed progress (starting on a specific date, or only existing between two dates).

I like the idea, but I’m currently in the middle of a huge effort towards global coverage, with clean data, in an updatable process. I don’t think I will get to the time challenge idea for some months.

Okay. So for now these are just ideas and not something I can implement? I’m sure others have figured it out because I know Rickey Gates says he used your app for his project in SF and that couldn’t have been the first time he’d ever run in SF.

Right, just ideas for now.

It’s possible that he created a new Strava account just for his challenge. Or manually tracked his progress with some help from this site.

Okay, thanks so much for the help! I will ask some folks who have done it.

Hi! I think, I have a similar issue. I have logged in with Strava, but no runs are synced. I can see my avatar though. Do I need to start something manually?

It looks like activities are starting to arrive:
Thanks for your patience - that should’ve happened much faster. :grimacing:

Yes, thank you! It’s only a handful so far… but I’ll patiently wait for teh rest… :slight_smile:

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