Blondin Road in Manchester, New Hampshire - CityStrides

Hi. Blondin Road leads into a Private Camp complete with “No trespassing/Private Property” signs and a barrier placed right after where you have your 5th node (if counting from Bodwell Road).
I did mark as manually complete for my own purpose and it looks like another user back in 2017 was able to complete it without doing so. Guessing either the camp became more aggressive in enforcement ? But anyway, wondering if you may be able to cut it back to 5 nodes and then I’d unmark…If rules of the game don’t allow, no biggie, just figured I’d let you know…thanks for all you do…great site.

I just wrote up a short bit in #wiki to help with this: About the Node, Street, and City Data
Let me know if you still have questions & I can update that. :+1:

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