Big batch of duplicate cities

Along the same lines, some more fun in Roumania

Hi Simon and James, I have lost 684 streets (in NZ) in the last week or so, from this conversation I assume that James has run a program to remove the duplicate districts, although I didn’t think I had that many streets in Rotorua and Taupo. Or have they gone in some other way.
I had no idea there were duplicates, but have spent quite a bit of time going through maps and streets, and realise just how much information is available. Silver linings I guess.

Hi Grant, there were a few others on the Google Doc list linked by James that were duplicates - one was Nelson and I see you have done pretty well there - I suspect that might have been what caused the biggest drop. I think Rangitikei and Tararua were others - basically where there was a district that spanned two or more regions were duplicates, and I proposed the one that the district was mostly in (e.g. Rangitikei spans both Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay regions but is predominantly in Manawatu).

Thanks Simon. I have sent you a friend request, not sure what this means, but I would quite like to swap questions/ideas, and I assume that this forum is not quite the right place.

The main site doesn’t have any communication tools, so you’re better off private messaging here in this forum