Better Data Is On The Way

You have no idea how excited I am for this update.
Looking forward to seeing the results!!!


I’m also looking forward to this update. I do have one concern though. What about trails? I’m specifically thinking about the trails in the White Mountains of NH. Pretty much every trail up there is listed as a “street”. Sometimes I use CityStrides to plan hikes on trails I’ve never been on before. A lot of the “towns” up there consist mostly of just trails. I would hate to see those, and trails elsewhere, disappear.

This is awesome, thanks James!

Trails won’t initially be present in this list.

I’m thinking of doing another round of data import to a new Trail data type. I’ve heard of a number of people who use CityStrides for trail running as well, but I think it should be a different percentage. I’m picturing another tab next to Striders and Streets to list all the Trails.

Please continue this conversation over in Add hiking trails :+1:
(If you want to talk about parks, please discuss that in Greenways and Parks :+1: )

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Is this why Sync Now has disappeared, or am I missing something?


Not exactly (but it does help me out right now) … It’s temporarily disabled because of Strava API limit issues. From Report Synchronization Issues Here :

Ummm @JamesChevalier looks like my pre-update coverage of Brooklyn has gone from 58.5% to 0.0%.

None of my runs seem to count anymore? :thinking:

I wanted to be “winning” CityStrides, even if only for a few moments. So I reset everyone except me to 0%.


That’s it.

I didn’t forget about an entire step in my plan.


WHOAH, it’s happening! :star_struck::crazy_face::open_mouth: the citystrides 2.0 is in progress! all routes and percentages newly calculated and the city borders visible in my region. (shame i am almost finished completely in my region, but let’s see what i have missed, using the new calculations)

one thing: the nodehunter on the desktop can now only do so much, with the 10 nodes limit. Because every street seems to explode with nodes now, it’s very limited in the use. Maybe set the limit to 5000 or 10000?

Can’t wait to see the result tomorrow morning!

Compliments @JamesChevalier for putting in the effort in a clean and realtime citystrides.


Hi James, WoW this is great. I gained about 4% coverage which is quite a lot. Finally over 50%.
Had to cancel subscription temporarily but will surely subscribe again soon.

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Hi, last week I ran a route in my city (Brighton, UK) that was quite new to me( Chris Keene's Activity on September 16, 2019 - CityStrides ). I wondered how much of the city I had covered in my years running, and if there was a way to track it.

A quick google and of course someone had already solves this, what impresses my so much is how well this has been implemented, this is such a great site. And from a technical perspective, I can see how what might seem, on first glance, a simple challenge, merge all strava runs together, is actually a vast processing nightmare!

In the last week, I have subscribed (only a couple of dollars a month, sorry) and fixed a few things on open street map. At the moment various rail lines and shops show up as roads and it will be great to see how this improves.

I think much of my running history is in the queue due to the strave api limits but that’s not a problem.
Just wanted to say thank you.

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Speaking of NYC…Manhattan is now separated into both Manhattan Community Boards (I am assuming similarly like districts within a European city) as well as the whole borough itself.


I started a thread in #global-coverage-support to discuss what we should do with Manhattan.

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Awesome news. I’ve been enjoying City Strides for a year now and am excited for the new data source.

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