Beta: LifeMap performance

Beta works for me on my phone! The normal life map doesn’t load at all on my phone. Kudos for the improvement.

Strava heatmap sucks, for one, and Strava is a shit product, so that’s a non-starter!

For two, while running, I need to know what streets I’ve done, and haven’t done. That doesn’t only include nodes, it also includes trails (a big issue), alleys, parking lots, new constructions, etc etc all show up in the map but don’t include nodes.

The Lifemap IS the goal!


When viewing my standard lifemap on a desktop, the base map loads immediately, but the tracks are slow to load - but so for it has always loaded completely for me if I am patient enough. Looking at my lifemap on my phone is typically not worth it as if I am using my phone it is because I need to quick-check something and I know that isn’t going to happen.

The beta loads the background map and the tracks immediately and at the same on both desktop and android/chrome. If it can be updated fairly regularly I can see a big advantage to the beta version, especially for quick parking lot checks before starting a run.

:100: The LifeMap beta now stays up to date with each new activity @jpbari :rocket:

I need to crunch some numbers on what the financials will look like, though. It seems like it’ll work out fine for subscribers, but I’m pretty sure it turns into a wreck at the full site scale. :man_shrugging: I’ve got some thinking to do. :smiley:

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keep it for subscribers only! maybe more people want to put in there. Would be fair enough imho


This is great! Works for me on Chrome desktop,Chrome on my Android phone, and Firefox on my phone.


When reviewing the beta lifemap after a few additional activities, mine is not yet showing an updated trackset. When I use Node Hunter, it is up to date and only shows me nodes I haven’t run yet, but the runs completed this week don’t show up in the form of the purple line on the map.,-83.61619639634301&14.799388060970362,-83.61650535713886&14.60564875227261

ugh … I did screw things up this week by queuing up more work than my infrastructure can handle :man_facepalming: so I’m hoping that’s the cause. Can you reply back here after your next activity, letting me know whether or not that one updates the map? Your next activity should kick off a “rebuild the map” job, which should completely fill out all your activities - so you should see it be completely updated … I think it can take up to an hour or so, if you run too much :laughing:

I’m not seeing an update of my map. User 11576. Working on “black out” on LifeMap for Altoona.

Sorry, I’m not following the issue … are you missing an activity in your LifeMap beta?

I’m not sure what blackout is, either.

Sorry, yes I’m missing updates to my beta map. I’m going back through and visually verifying that I actually ran every part of every street and not just happen to hit nodes at each end of it while passing on streets in the other directions. Trying to end up with a completely filled in map or what I called blackout (like in bingo when you have to fill all of the spots on the card to win). I ran a specific route on Monday evening this week that should have “filled” some more streets even though they are already marked complete by City Strides.

I haven’t run since your request, but as of now, my beta lifemap is basically one run behind. Only the last run I did isn’t showing up.

I will be running after work today, so I will update after that. :running_man::running_man::running_man:

OMG it loads instantly AND more importantly works on mobile!!!


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James -

I have done two runs now since the last post, one about 14 hrs ago and another about 1 hour ago.

As of right now, neither of those runs, nor the previous one from Tuesday morning EDT have shown up on the beta lifemap. When I remove _beta from the URL and it loads the standard lifemap, they are displaying properly.

Let me know if there is any other info that can help with your troubleshooting.


I just started the rebuild process manually. I’m still figuring how long all this takes etc, so I don’t have a great estimate on when you should see the update - definitely within the scale of single-digit hours, though.
After this updates, let me know if new activities still don’t update your beta LifeMap. :thinking:

Not sure if its because you are in the process of rebuilding but I just checked out the beta map for the first time and it does not show any activities. This may or may not be related to my progress percentages all disappearing, but I am a supporter and already messaged you separately about that. Cheers!

Ah, I think that I need to add some code around new subscriptions/contributions so that the beta LifeMap gets built right then. At the moment, it waits for the next new activity - which hasn’t happened for you yet.
I just started processing your account, though, so your beta LifeMap should appear “soon” (I haven’t figured out what soon is yet :laughing:)

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Original announcement is quite a scroll up :point_up: so here’s a quick link: Beta: LifeMap performance

It looks like if I head in this direction, I’ll only be able to update non-subscriber LifeMap once per month. I think that will cost me roughly $100 to do, site-wide.
Which means it would end up being a subscription feature to have your LifeMap updated after every activity.

:thinking: This is due to the s3 API costs ($0.005 per 1,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests). Loading all subscriber data and keeping it up to date with each activity has me at 4,599,471 Requests so far.
I have another potential option of running my own server, but I’m not seeing (or hearing recommendations for) servers that can handle a dynamic set of 20k+ mbtiles files. :grimacing:

I’m a little worried about how people will react to “a constantly updated LifeMap now requires a subscription, as free access now only updates monthly”.

I’m a little worried about how people will react to “a constantly updated LifeMap now requires a subscription, as free access now only updates monthly”.

They will either leave, become subscribers, or live without frequent updates.


I am a subscriber and don’t have to make up my mind, but monthly updates would make the site useless for me. So it reduces the hypothetical choice to 2 and not 3 options.