Beta: LifeMap performance

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How has this been working out for everyone?

From my perspective, it looks like it takes too long to update the LifeMap beta. I’m unsure if you’ve all noticed this. I think there’s a ~16 hour delay between the time that a new activity is created to the time that the LifeMap beta is updated.

Yes that is slow but it is better than not having any LifeMap data at all show up for my account under the non beta link.

Has it been consistently slow for a while, or just slow nowish? Because I’m completely saturating my database with work right now. :flushed: :grimacing: So I kind of expect everything to be a bit slow for the next ~hour or so.

My run from 2 days ago has still not been updated on my beta map. I haven’t tracked it super close because I have so much coverage in my default town it’s hard to tell. I did run a new route that I hadn’t run before on 11/11 that isn’t showing.

oh oh … I thought you meant performance-wise, like using it was slow. I see - it’s taking a long time for the maps to update.

I’m pretty sure that there’s a browser cache for the tile data (your activity traces) at each zoom level. :slightly_frowning_face: holding shift and refreshing the page while viewing an area that is missing an activity should help. I’ve heard that if you zoom in/out, then any cached tiles will be displayed instead. I think this would result in activities “disappearing” at certain zoom levels. :man_shrugging: I haven’t seen it first-hand yet.

I tried modifying the URL for the tile source in a way that would work around the browser cache, but it sounds like that didn’t work. :frowning_face:

I’ll have to keep working on the issue. :thinking:

I’m now seeing that updated map. I’m only looking on iPhone mobile.

There’s a new addition to the LifeMap Beta!

:tada: You can now filter the displayed activities based on a start/end date. :tada:

The LifeMap beta is at (it’s the LifeMap URL with _beta added).
Click through and zoom way in, zoom way out, drag around and filter :star_struck: … Let me know here if/how it works for you.


THANK YOU! This is awesome!

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Not working for me. Allows me to enter dates but still shows all activities. Very cool idea.

What if you enter an outlandish date range like 01/01/2012 to 01/01/2030?

Ooh, I just remembered that I had to modify the underlying data structure that I store in Amazon S3. It’s possible that your data isn’t updated yet. I’ll check that out…

This is awesome! The ability to see what was completed in each calendar year is a very nice feature! Thanks James!

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All good now. Think it was user error before.

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Works well for me, tested on Win10 with Chrome and Android Chrome & Firefox. Very cool feature! :+1:

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Great addition James!

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wow, cool! love the progress thing over time. What about a next challenge? a filter for run vs walk? :slight_smile:

The beta map doesn’t show any runs for me, but I am a subscriber.

:tada: This feature is now out of Beta :tada: New: LifeMap performance & filtering for subscribers

If you have any issues, I would appreciate it if you posted in #support instead of replying here/there. :+1:

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