Baltimore, MD is missing

Most of my cities and data came back last week, but Baltimore, MD, is still missing from the cities (and is where the vast majority of my running happens). This appears to be the correct boundaries (

ah, weird - it’s at admin level 6 (county) instead of admin level 8 (city)
I can bring this in manually

Ahh, interesting. Maybe because Baltimore City is an independent city, which is not part of any county and functions on both the city and county level. From a quick search on, it looks like this is also true for every city in Virginia, as all 38 incorporated cities in Virginia are also independent cities. I didn’t check them all, but at least Richmond, Alexandria, Charlottesville, and Virginia Beach are all at admin level 6 too.

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Yeah, good catch … someone noticed Alexandria, Virginia Is Missing! but I didn’t realize those other cities were smilar.

The OpenStreetMap wiki has a page describing the various admin levels, both internationally and in the US. That should give you all the information you need on cities that ought to be included but don’t fit into the standard 7/8 level. Baltimore is an outlier case, but it’s listed on the wiki along with other exceptions. The good news is that it’s a manageable list.

Yeah, that was decently helpful. I still had to do some manual searching/poking, but it all mostly worked out.
All of these one-off outliers I just need to manually walk through once. As soon as I have the Country/Region/City data in CityStrides, I don’t have to go get that again … or at least, it’s way less likely that things will change at that level as compared to the street/node level. :smile:

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