Automated activity culling

According to my profile, I have somewhere in excess of 4,000 activities. The vast majority of them are within a quarter mile of my house, with no progress or completion of any roads. Just creating a big purple blob.

It would be useful if I could delete all activities which produce nothing. Heck, it would be better if I could cull by pace, getting rid of dog walks.

That goes against the idea of the LifeMap - some people want that “big purple blob”. :smiley:

There are some edge cases where someone wants to remove an activity here and there … The current implementation has no concept of “permanently deleted activities” - if a sync is run, it brings everything into CityStrides that isn’t in here already. So I’d need to build some way to list out activities that should be ignored in future synchronizations.

I don’t expect that I’ll implement anything with any amount of automation. The vote count on this post will strongly influence whether I consider putting any serious amount of time/effort into this idea. It’s not something that particularly interests me, or strikes me as a problem within the site - I can find plenty of those. :laughing: :sob:

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Understandable. There are probably more important things for you to do, although I enjoy the site as is.

Other than that blob.


Perhaps have a user determined setting to blob or not to blob. :grin:

Just a simple toggle question:

Do you want to record workouts that have no completed streets and/or progressed streets? Yes / No

As to pace, recorded slow walks might what the person wants to record.

James, I’d love a way to have previously deleted runs stop coming back every time I sync. I delete the odd run where the GPS is way off, but I don’t want to actually delete them from my Garmin app or Strava