August Amble

Calculations are running now:

This Challenge should be evened out, because of the nested city structure I’ve just added. You can read more about that in Discussing 'nested' cities


Wow. 14 pages of challenge participants now.

Any way to add a user’s total challenge progress and placing at the top when we are logged in to know where we are in the list without going through all 14 pages?


:+1: Just updated the page - was that what you were thinking?
:thinking: Maybe I should include some Challenge stats on the logged-in homepage as well…


I seldom go to the logged in homepage (my links go straight to my lifemap or my profile page) so that wouldn’t affect me much.

I am not sure if the system calculates a ranking (like I am in XXth place) but that would be kinda cool.

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Hi James,

Quick question to confirm if I am going mad…

I checked my position (12th) and total road run last night (cant remember exactly but nearly 300)

Today i went out and ran 54 new roads plus a couple of non new roads that may count for the challenge, so i am expecting that total and position to go up but I am at in 12th place with 298 roads, My question is how long does it take to update as the map on the right shows my latest run mapped onto it? Does it take a while to calculate? (I have no problem with this) Or has it done it already and added it on and I am going crazy and wasn’t as far through as I thought I was last night? :face_with_monocle:

The streets have been processed and the city total % has updated so all of the important stuff is working but if there is an issue I wanted to highlight it to you! If the only issue is that I am impatient or and idiot that is okay too. :laughing:

Yeah Challenge processing is VERY delayed: :scream:

I’m still learning how it fits into the overall system. I might need a whole other server just for Challenges. :thinking:

Sorry for the delay. :frowning_face:

Ahh, I hadn’t seen the update to the status page,

Wow 5 days! that is a delay!

It’s no problem at all, I’m just pleased that I’m not going completing insane!

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Yeah, this delay is way too long.
I have two different types of servers that I can start/stop as needed (to help with the load) & I’ve been using the wrong one. This backlog should be cleared in a few hours.