Attribution of completed streets

One of my recent activities had wonky GPS tracking, and CS didn’t count a couple of streets as completed because the trace was too far off. In order to fix that issue, I deleted the activity in CS, edited in Runkeeper to put me back on the road and did a fresh sync. The resynced activity added the “fixed” streets correctly but doesn’t show the ones that were shown as completed in the activity I deleted. The total street count is correct as is the lifemap so it’s not a big issue, but it does suggest that deleting an activity doesn’t change the status of streets involved back to their previous status.

If you view the city & search the incomplete/complete street lists - which list are the previously completed streets in?

Update: I can confirm that, for some reason I can’t think of now, I chose not to delete completed nodes/streets when deleting an activity. :thinking: I’ve fixed that, which will go out in a future release.

James - If I run the same street multiple times, and I delete a single activity, does it delete the all nodes crossed with that run, or only delete the nodes which CS marked as completed by that particular run?

Not sure I am making sense, but was just curious if CS saves the information required to only change nodes unique to that particular GPS track.

I completed 23 streets in total, 21 of which showed in the activity I deleted. The resynched activity shows 2 completed streets (the ones I “fixed”). All 23 are in the complete list in the city & search.

Yeah, I’ve since confirmed that deleting activities lets the completed nodes & streets sit around. I’ve corrected that, but haven’t released the fix yet. I’ll need to figure out how to handle any existing data caused by this oversight. :thinking:

The question from @jpbari jogs my memory on why I wasn’t deleting completed nodes/streets…
I think a user can only complete a node/street once, so I don’t think you’d have multiple activities with the same reference to a node/street. That means deleting an activity that was the ‘completer’ of one of your most-run streets would make that street incomplete (until/unless further processing was done).

I may have to change this for the upcoming Challenges feature, but I need to put some thought/research into it (it’s one of the oldest pieces of the site) to make sure I’m not about to increase my data storage by multiples. :flushed: