April Absurdity Challenge

It’s the same style Challenge as February & March. I don’t know how much this sync issue is going to affect our Challenge testing. :frowning_face: I also haven’t had the time to incorporate feedback from this category, so it’s not going to be any better. :frowning_face:

If you’re just hearing about Challenges now, check out Alpha: Challenges (request for testers) and reply over there for access.

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Thanks for inviting me to the challenges section of the site,

If I understand correctly the challenge will include all roads fully completed during the challenge period even if they have been completed in the past?

Given that, I would really like a way to check my list of completed and progressed roads for the challenge,

Also being able to see what roads other users have run in the challenge would be really interesting and see their life map for the challenge as well.

I see challenges as a way to compare yourself to others and therefore it would be great to see a bit more detail on how they have achieved whatever score they have this month.

Also on the list of challengers having a position next to each name would be handy rather than having to count down the list to see what potion you are in.

I will add more as I think of things, But I do like the look of it so far, giving the ability to re-run routes and have them count for something rather than nothing on this site is good,

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Great ideas Allan. James, I like that you filter my map by the current month but if you click on another user from the challenge it shows their entire lifemap by default. Of course the biggest issue is the duplicate road counting which makes the leaderboards pretty misleading.

You agree with several comments I made in the February challenge feedback thread. Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I think a second node hunter specific to monthly challenges would be useful: because of the “lockdown”), I have run for one month on roads I have already completed in the past, and I cannot use the node hunter anymore. I certainly miss “hidden” nodes, and back home, I cannot check afterwards if I have forgotten some.


I don’t know if I am the only one or if it has already been reported, but my “challenge map” is empty on my phone (iPhone8), both with Safari and Chrome, while the life map works finely with both browsers. Obviously, this issue has to be solved before the node hunter is implemented.

Moreover, the challenge map is way too small on the iPhone (ca. 40% of the screen if vertical display, maybe 70% if horizontal display), without any obvious way to make it bigger.