API limits not resetting?

My activities from the last two days have not synced and I noticed under Status that the API limits are at max and did not reset at midnight. Not sure if that’s the problem

I have some infrastructure issues & had to turn off self-limiting, so those numbers mean nothing at the moment. No worries, though, I’m now generally operating under the limits.
Let’s see if the sync I started for your account helps.

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Didn’t seem to work. I did another activity and now missing three days. I logged out of CityStrides and back in and MapMyFitness had me acknowledge (with a new pop-up window) that I authorize sharing my data. I thought that might have been the reason it wasn’t sending to CityStrides but now, after another manual sync, I still can’t see any activities from the last three days. :slightly_frowning_face:

I found a bug in my MapMyFitness syncing that I’m releasing now. After that’s out, I’ll re-sync your account. You should see new activities arrive within the hour.

After researching further, MapMyFitness required me to verify that I wanted data shared with each app individually. I did this with CityStrides but what I didn’t realize was my activities were only being transferred to Strava but not to MapMyFitness as it was disconnected until I completed the verification process that allowed my watch app to access MapMyFitness. I fixed that connection and manually uploaded the missing activities to MapMyFitness and then did a Sync in CityStrides and now I’m good. :slightly_smiling_face:. I wish MapMyFitness would have given us a heads up on this change, but it should be good now going forward. Hopefully I didn’t send you on a wild goose chase. Thx James.

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