Alternative way to fix my account?

Would the quickest way to fix the issues with my account (missing about a week in March and April and some historical runs) be becoming a supporter and manually uploading my missing runs and then switching over to Garmin?

Hi, Jeff.

I assume you are sending your info to CS via Strava based on your question.

Right now, using another service is the only way to “fix” your account, yes.

Garmin sync as a supporter is the easiest and best long-term solution, but Runkeeper and MapMyFitness both are functional as well.

Full-history syncing for Garmin is currently in back-end testing mode, so if a full history sync is required, that SHOULD be available soon.

Thanks. I have now added runkeeper and mapmyrun, to see if I can have activities sync again. I don’t mind becoming a supporter for a month here a there when I am trying to run a lot of new streets.