All Waterways paddle

I’m a runner and a paddler. I plan on doing a All Waterways paddle in Brevard county FL. Every waterway that is attached to the Indian River Lagoon is my short term goal. City Strides is going to be a great way for me to track all this.
Thank you

Hhmmm… CityStrides only pulls in running, walking, and hiking activities. It also only has street data.
I don’t know how helpful this is going to be for you.

Hello James,
If it’s taking data from Strava won’t it just take that same data and put it on the water if I’m the water? I waiting for my latest sync to see

Actually it does, I see it on my map from when I went surfing

Are you saving your activities as “running” or “walking” types?

I think running, I will do which ever works to get the data.