Adding nested cities to Stockholm, Sweden

If possible I would really like to have the city districts of Stockholm, Sweden added as nested cities in CityStrides.

CityStrides city: Stockholms kommun, Stockholms län - CityStrides
On OSM Stockholm municipality is admin level 7: Relation: ‪Stockholms kommun‬ (‪398021‬) | OpenStreetMap

My suggestion is to add nested cities for the city districts of Stockholm that are on admin level 9 in OSM

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I second that suggestion, would be great to have Stockholm broken up into more manageable chunks!

Alright, I’ve started this process. I already had a country import running, though, so it’s going to take some hours to finish. You’re probably better off waiting a day and then checking back.


Great! I see I’m at 100% for two of the thirteen ”Burroughs”!

Thank you!! So much fun trying to reach 100% in my home part of Stockholm.