Add countryname

Is it possible to add the country in the city overview ?
I walk/run in a lot of countries.
If your project of sorting the list of city’s on name would be ready it would be fine if you could sort them by country too.

Now I see for instance ‘La Roche en Ardennes, Luxembourg’ (situated in the country Belgium)
Here Luxembourg is the province but Luxembourg is also a Country.
Brabant and Limburg are provinces in Holland as well as in Belgium so it would be more discriminating if the country was also mentioned.

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First it’s the Netherlands, not Holland, Holland is also a combination of 2 provinces in the Netherlands and not the whole country. And as i mentioned some time ago, some cities have the wrong country connected. Cities like Heerlen Roermond etc. are not in Belgium but in the Netherlands. Has probably something to do with those provinces both being in Belgium and the Netherlands?