Activity synced, but not processed


My latest activity has synced, but is not being processed. It has been three hours since the sync (automatic sync from Strava), the status does not show any significant delay, the GPS data looks good and the activity should have produced a bunch of completetd as well as progressed streets.There is no update in the city progress and also none displayed in the activity itself. (CityStrides)

I know that I can trigger a sync with the “sync no” feature. Can I also trigger a progress update?

Same here. I did notice with mine it didn’t pull it in from strava like it usually does. It pulled it in right for m Garmin. Not sure if that makes any difference CityStrides

I’m a third instance of this issue. andy morgan's Activity on December 6, 2020 - CityStrides
Run imported fine, Lifemap updated fine. No progress processed.
Run completed about 3 hours ago. Status show Progress Updates are processing in a couple of minutes.
I tried requeueing the run from Garmin.

Same here. Mine has not been processed in over 6 hours.

Same here. Run is pulled over from Garmin but doesn’t seem to have been processed.

Chiming in here with the same issue. Imported from Run Keeper. I tried deleting my run and re-syncing but same issue. It shows up on my life map, but says 0 streets completed or progressed.

Same here, Its showing the completed run but not the streets finished. Over 6 hrs

Mine has now been processed!

Mine processed but I’m not sure it is correct.
It should show some of the streets completed but the completed streets are recorded under progressed.
@JamesChevalier does it process the finished and progressed differently so I should just be patient?

I replied too quickly. @andy.morgan.accounts , I see the same thing as you.

Mine are showing as progressed, but not complete. Hoping this will be fixed soon.

Looks like my progress processing eventually caught up. Like so many things patience was needed.


Yip, mine has also been processed today. :smiley: :smiley:
Changing the “problem” to “status page lies”. :wink:

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