Activity/Profile Privacy

I shared this thought with James in a PM at the beginning of the Alpha test, but wanted to put it out there for discussion.

I am not sure how I feel about private activities counting towards challenge standings.

It is both discouraging and a lot less fun when I go to the leader board and see overall leaders with their account set to private, so there is no way of knowing how they achieved so much success.

The first concern is obviously the curiosity of whether they are getting there through a bug or some sort of gaming of the system.

For me, though I think it is not just about wondering if it is legitimate and but even more more about sharing in the success and comparing strategies and see how others do things. If someone is completing a ton of streets, I love to see that success and get some insight on how they are doing it by reviewing their map.

While I don’t want to necessarily keep someone from being able to participate because of privacy concerns, I wonder if a policy on a challenge like the Free For All challenge might be in order where only activities set to public can count on the public leader board.


This pairs well with Simplify privacy settings :smiley: