Activities not syncing to CS (Garmin)

Anyone else’s activities not syncing to CS today? I sync via Garmin.

I seem to be having the same issue. The status says no processing delay but I’m still waiting for my activity to sync 2 hours after upload.

Same here , with Garmin-syncing: my run, uploaded 3 hours ago, is not synced yet.

Yeah, there seem to be two Garmin sync issues.

I got an email from their support team letting me know that the URL they send new activities to was taking 30 seconds+ to respond, but none of my logging shows anything more than 250 milliseconds. I’m trying to figure out where/how there could be such a massive difference.

The historic sync is also failing, with their API responding that I’ve exceeded my limit. The error message describes the limit as “Limit 0 per 1 minute” though, which doesn’t look right.

Update: These were connected issues. It Turns Out™ that I probably shouldn’t request a full history sync for all 2k+ Garmin accounts at once :flushed: :grimacing:


Same here. My run yesterday afternoon has not yet synched from Garmin as of this morning (I am a supporter).