Accessing Challenge Page

@JamesChevalier is the only current way to access challenges through the links you sent out individually? It would be cool to see the challenges I’m in from one page, or to see other people’s challenges as well. Recognize we’re in beta mode here, just wanted to check! :running_man:

There’s but I’m not sure that’s doing exactly what you’d like. Although the Join button is not present if you’ve already joined that Challenge.

As time passes, Challenges will expire. Those expired Challenges can be put into a separate list/tab.

As more Challenges are created, the list should be paginated & searchable. I don’t know offhand what the search fields would be - Challenge name, City name. :man_shrugging:

Sounds like a User profile page could have a Challenges list…

Cool, that’s great! Probably way too early with not enough interest to make it an option on the dropdown of the home page. Just having the url is great for now!

I do agree that in a future with more striders using challenges it would be a neat feature to see on the profile page. Further gamification of the site, more competitiveness, and another tangible reason to invite more runners.

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