Ability to see on map which routes are "not done" and "done"

You probably work on this already, but have searched the community and not found a post about it therefore i ask.
I have as a goal to walk and/or run every street in Stockholm, but it is difficult as i cannot see on the map which roads i have left in the area im trying to complete at the moment, and which i have missed completely. So i wonder if there is a existing way, or in the planning to zoom in on the map and just click in “roads begun” and see all roads i have begun to run/walk in the area but yet not completed being highlighted. Click in “not done”, see all roads i have not even started yet, and so forth ?


Yeah, I really like this idea & I’ve received some emails about it…

There’s the ‘Streets Left’ tab, which displays a list of the streets that you haven’t run yet … That’s not really useful in this case, though, because it’s just a flat list and doesn’t show you where they are.

One problem that I have in displaying streets on a map is that the coordinates for the streets weren’t necessarily added in the correct order. So trying to draw out the line through the coordinates can sometimes get really messy. I just haven’t learned to do that properly, yet - it’s gotta be possible!

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How about just showing the coordinates without lines? A map showing all the coordinates on has yet to pass?

The main problem with trying to display that many coordinates on the page at once is performance drops, quickly.

On a street-by-street basis, it isn’t too bad. For example, this street. That gets really cumbersome when there are too many coordinates, though - it can take a while for all of the data to be collected off the server, and it can use up all the browser’s memory on your computer.

Your idea about ‘roads begun’ might be doable, though. I’ll see if I can get that in there…