A way to acknowledge striders who have completed a city

:thinking: according to the data, your 95% milestone was Nov 16, 2019.
This is tough, because it spans a period of time where I had a number of issues with the city update & some underlying data/count updates. I’m really hoping it was tied to all that mess, because it’s critical that I’m not unknowingly updating this particular piece of data. I’ll have to review things once again…

(I’m not trying to argue against your screenshot, just noting at least to myself what I see in the data vs your experience using the site)

I think that 95% notification relates to London Borough of Croydon, England - CityStrides as I think that’s the only city I was running back then.

I’m not sure if this helps but I think I originally hit 100% for London Borough of Croydon, England - CityStrides on 18 Oct 2020 and London Borough of Sutton, England - CityStrides on 9 Oct 2020 do you see these milestones?
I have since recompleted these cities and have the 100% marker so I’m not sure if that is coming from the original completion or the new one.

:thinking: I have…

London Borough of Wandsworth - 95% as of Sat, 16 Nov 2019
London Borough of Sutton - 100% as of Mon, 30 Sep 2019
London Borough of Croydon - 100% as of Sat, 13 May 2023

The underlying code works by continually updating the displayed percentage - so that can go up and down - and only setting the milestone percentage (what I’m basing this :100: on) incrementally as you pass each 5%. The date is set as “today” for the date that the 5% increment is set (so this isn’t accurate in a sense of when you reached e.g. 50% it’s accurate in the sense of when 50% was calculated because it was built for notifications not for progress tracking).

I’m not, yet, aware of any way for the milestone value to decrease. I did not dive into the history of these files, though. The underlying code may have changed several times over between 2019-202.

This will, overall, require more monitoring and assessment…

Those dates from 2019 definitely seem off. Here’s a screenshot from 2 Oct 2020 (is it bad I have more photos of Citystrides than of my kids? :rofl:)

I hadn’t quite completed Sutton or Croydon and I’d done pretty much none of Wandsworth.

Please don’t spend any time on this though if it’s not affecting anyone else…

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If it helps, I also have an example of a city that I had once completed, but where I do not have a 100% badge. I completed this city sometime during the first part of 2022 (during Easter if I recall correctly), before I subsequently lost it at some point due to city updates.

I will be able to go back and finish the few updated streets in a couple of months. So, this “issue” is not really a problem for me.