A way to acknowledge striders who have completed a city

Today, if a strider completes a city, you can see that they are at 100%. As time passes, more streets get created and the striders percentage drops below 100%. That, in itself, is not a problem as I tend to return to complete the city for the 2nd or 3rd time.

History is important and If a strider has retired from running, I think future striders should be able to see anyone who had completed a town in the past. 5 years from now, we may see many striders sitting at 97% with no indication that they completed the town Back in the year 2017. Any thoughts on how we can tag a strider who previously completed a city?

good idea!

There is currently a :100: badge for completing a city. So, one possibility would be that striders could earn that badge multiple times, once for each distinct city they complete (regardless of whether that city ever “uncompletes” in the future).


Great idea. Maybe have that badge placed onto the city with the date of completion next to/under it.


And this should be done going back in time. I am the proud ‘first completer’ of a lot of cities nearby and I would like to see that visibly.


I get what you are saying.

I had this idea a while back: First, second, third, etc. city completion badge

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I think why people really like this idea is with the now more steady updates from OSM our accomplishment disappears. Sometimes its easy to just go knock out the new roads, sometimes people move far away. I was excited to finish Albany NY the other day only to have a new road added the next week…so that was short lived.

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This was a discussion that is held everal times.
In my opinion, the moment you really reach 100% on that time and place, you are the one and only (first) to reach the completion of the city.

If a day later this changes, it doesn’t take away the achievement you have made the day before.

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I took a minute to rummage through the data, since this topic has gotten a decent amount of activity (and I’ve also voted for it :grimacing: :laughing: ) … It turns out that I already have this information via the pile of code that manages milestone notifications (which is very likely going away soon, but that’s a whole other story).

I’m tracking the current progress, which is displayed everywhere throughout the site. I’m also tracking the notification progress 5%, 10%, 15%, etc, which also includes 100%. Once you reach :100: it permanently sets that notification progress to 100, which provides the byproduct of knowing if you’ve ever completed that city.

Seems like I “just” need to figure out the design of this throughout the site :sweat_smile:


Wow, my heart skipped a beat reading the last post from James. Is there hope? :smiling_face:


I hope this tracking does not rely on my not deleting old notifications :stuck_out_tongue:

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:laughing: not at all - delete away!

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Exciting to hear there is some traction on this James!

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Alright, this is live - there’s a little :100: on the user card if the city is/was complete. You can hover over it for some additional text (only useful if you’re unsure why the :100: is there, really).


Seems to be out of view on mobile when you have hard mode on as well

(Taken at Brussel-Hoofdstad - Bruxelles-Capitale, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest - CityStrides )

Hi James, Should this work for cities that were completed before you made the change but are now no longer at 100% or is it just that any cities that were 100% when you made the change will keep the 100% marker?
My two cities that are currently complete show the marker but London Borough of Wandsworth, England - CityStrides, which was completed in 2021 (but has since dropped to 99ish) does not.

Also not visible on Ipad for hard moders

That’s pretty cool. So even if you lost 100% (due to updates), you still have the :100:


PS. Roanoke is an hour away, but I’ll be back soon to finish it, again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the entire point of this additional display.
It looks like the highest milestone you reached (it goes in 5% increments) is 95% … perhaps you never fully reached 100% due to some roads that need to be updated in OSM?

Thanks for the screenshot - that’ll help me improve my view testing setup. When I view the site at different screen sizes, I’m navigating anonymously & I didn’t notice how much space that vertical three-dot menu takes up.
I’m going to push the hard mode / 100 down to the next line.

My total was definitely showing at 100% for a while - originally completed on 24 April 2021. Here’s a screenshot I happen to have from a few days after that. I’m not sure if in between times it went down and back up again.

But don’t worry about it if I’m the only one affected - I’m slowly getting around to completing the remaining newly added streets so I’ll hopefully be back at 100% soon anyway.