A tiny change regarding whitespace

This is a very small issue, but I have been caught by it several times. It only affects me when accessing the site on my phone. I am visiting a new city, so I go to ‘Cities’. The city is Solihull, and once I type in ‘Soli’, my phone suggests 'Solihull ', assuming that I will be typing another word afterwards, so helpfully putting a space after it. CityStrides then reports that there is no city called 'Solihull ', because it fails to strip out the space at the end.

It is obviously trivial on my end to then delete the space and search again, but it would be nice not to have to, and I think it is fairly simple to strip out leading and trailing whitespace from input. I can’t think of a case in which trailing whitespace would be meaningful, either.

This’ll be included in the next release.

:sweat_smile: I’ve always removed the extra space, never considering I had the power to ease my own pain :rofl:


Excellent service as ever, thanks.