A “Day One” page

Some kind of vanity/metric/nostalgic page that displays your first activity that completed a street.
Include lifetime data around that: total streets / total cities / miles / pace / total hours run?
A toggle to display your LifeMap over that (in a different color maybe)?
Or should this be a feature of the LifeMap - a button to toggle the “day one” display?


This begs the question of “what is day one?”

Is day one the first entry into Strava/MapMyRun/etc? When we join CityStrides, all that back history is imported at once.

Is day one the first run AFTER joining CS? That might be the first time we go out with the intent of getting a street or completing nodes…

It is an intriguing idea, but not necessarily one I would spend too much time stressing over or coding.



How about an “on this day” feature? So if somebody completed a street on the same date, but x years ago, that will get a mention.