3 days ago i had more completed than today

I took a picture of my area 3 day ago and bragged on how well i was doing - seems like i am not doing so well afterall.
3 days ago there were 2667 streets in copenhagen - now 2 streets have disappeared. Well that happens, we know that. new streets arrive, some are being cancelled… How ever… This is more interesting:

3 days ago i had completed 1471 streets. Today after a run i synced and suddenly i have completed 1462. So my run today managed to CANCEL out 9 of my previous runs.
Result is that few days ago i had more then 55% of my area covered.
Now it is less than 55%.

When a city is updated from OSM there are three possibilities: streets are added, streets are deleted, or streets are altered.

There are many combinations that would make the total drop by two, but have a different effect on your completed count. For example: 9 streets that you have already run are removed, and 7 that you haven’t are added…

I also run a big city and I’ve stopped paying attention to the small fluctuations in the counts. I just focus on painting everything purple and leave the “cleanup” for when I get to 90%+ completion (if I ever get there) :sweat_smile:


I have set up e-mail notifications for my most relevant cities, that way I know what’s going on. Stockholm has over 4000 streets, there’s always streets being added and removed….