2 streets with the same name

I have noticed sometimes that when I complete a street it comes up progressed, when I “check it out” the street that I’ve ran I have all green nodes but at the other side of my city it shows me there is a street with the same name with all red nodes because I haven’t ran that part of my city yet.
I have manually completed the one I progressed(completed) but does that mean I have manually completed the one I haven’t. I’m a bit confused how to get round this.

But that is easy! run the street on the other side of the city! it’s a street, so run it.


But does it count as one street or 2 ? That’s my point

As far as i know, it’s one street. It would not be possible to know programming wise for James that it’s 2 streets, or one street with lot’s of space between the nodes. A software way could be to determine street uniqueness by incorporating the village/dirstrict/town/city/whatever by splitting identically named streets into 2 streets.

But i guess, it’s not THAT important, for me the main goal is the lifemap, and painting all the streets with my gps runs. When all strets are covered, that’s 100%. Done

Yeah petje it really is not that important, I agree with your last paragraph also, the proof will be in the picture.