10000 streets completed :-)

Today I’ve managed to complete my 10000th street :smile: (and that excludes streets in Berlin, Warsaw, Luxembourg and some other places which are still not yet covered).
Regards to other city explorers!

Krzysztof (currently in Brussels, which contributed 1000+ of the streets)


That’s inspiring! i am aiming for my 5000th this year. I see you have a lot of 80% coverage on cities. going for the 100% someday? How long (time and km-wise) did it take to get to 10000?

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As a new user to this site I’m working on getting to 1000 streets. 10,000 is incredible and inspiring!

  • I have already achieved de facto 100% for 2 of my cities: the remaining “streets” are non-runnable (they are mislabeled buildings, private driveways, pedestrian-free motorways, schools not accessible to outsiders etc,). I do not label them manually as completed, so the only way for them to be recognised as completed is GPS error. If you run around often enough, it would happen sooner or later :slight_smile:

  • I have already almost 26000 km on my counter, but most of my runs are a part of the marathon-preparation training routine and score 0 new streets. As all the streets in runnable distance from my home and work are already covered, only one run per week, sometimes 2 - but sometimes 0 - is “explorer” style, as I need to drive (20-30 minutes one way) to try a new place. I plan ahead and upload the track to my Garmin, but even then I prioritize having at least part of it to have some sight-seeing quality, rather than maximizing the number of streets. One of my big projects (which you can see on my lifemap) was to connect France and the Netherlands through Belgium - which was fun :slight_smile: but took a while and was not optimal strategy for the number of streets - though it looks nice on the map. I am trying to connect Germany as well, but I still have lot to be done in this direction :-). When I travel during holidays I usually make up for the time when I run only nearby because I have no time to waste getting to another place.

  • I am running for 10 years, but a significant part of that was in locations which are not covered (Warsaw, Poland and some parts of Brussels). So you probably need much less time to achieve the number - especially if you focus on that.

Enjoy the running and seeing the world this way :slight_smile: for the reminder of the first, the second and maybe subsequent 5000s as well :slight_smile:


Congrats, Krzysztof, this is an outstanding milestone!

Congrats, this is an inspiration to all of us!

Well done mate, that’s amazing!!

Wow, you ran so much that, when I tried to load your map on my iPad, it crashes the page.

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