0 completed streets, 0% of a city run

Hello, I joined a few weeks ago and love the concept, can’t wait to get completing new streets. But this is where my problem lies. Apparently I have ran 0 completed streets even though my latest entry shows 34 completed streets no other entry does, and this means I haven’t got a % for any city.
I had a couple of friends join around the same time and they’re all showing up on the Cardiff, Wales list with percentages. Am I doing something wrong or am I caught in the backlog I’ve read about?

Thanks in advance

PS is there a way to donate in other currencies. I don’t want to donate $5 and then be hit with the same in fees from my bank because its a foreign currency.

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I have all the same questions as Mike. Is there a timeline you’d like us to follow before contacting also?

Can you both share a link to your profile page here? I can use that to manually force an update to see if that solves the problem.

I think my percent completion code isn’t designed to handle heavy load, so I need to rework that a bit.

I don’t think you need to throttle yourself in contacting me for help. I’d like to hear about problems as they arise / as they annoy you.

I’ll also check into the currency options. I didn’t realize people would incur fees from this!

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Please see my link here. I have a volume of activities but still have some missing.

Hope that helps

Hi, my profile is Mike Haworth

Yeah if its non sterling my bank charges a fee, but if its through Paypal, etc, then it’s a slightly worse exchange rate but no fees.


I did a little research on the currency idea and found that it’s easy. I just have to add a drop down that lets you choose which currency you want to use.

I have some other issues that are more pressing than this, but I’ll probably have this updated by the end of the summer.

Ah cool. I’ve set up a monthly contribution anyways. But would be better for me if I could pay in £ when you have time to sort.

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